Wow Girls

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A lot of porn sites have claimed to be the future of porn. Some would even say that they are the only future of porn. Yet, none of them has ever lived by that promise with a clearly obvious form of decline that happens by the day. But there’s this one site that has shown real potential and since then, it actually continued to progress in every possible way.

wow-girls-discountFrom the kind of videos it had been producing and to the photos that it had taken and posted, there’s just that distinct glory that exudes from it. Now, if you want to get to know this site more, it is none other than Wow Girls. 

Wow Girls is one of today’s qualified AVN accredited site that will really make you say with every product that comes from it. You get assurance that all the girls in this site have the desire and the capacity to do what it really takes to be considered a shining star in the world of adult content. First of all, all the girls go through the casting couch portion, where they will have to prove their will by fucking with the interviewer.

Then they get to pass with their bodacious appeal and desire to fuck for the mass. Thus, the creation of is fully constituted by demanding standards that really prove worth in the industry. There’s no wonder they call themselves the Wow factor site. It’s Wow Girls indeed. 

Wow Porn wants you only to get the best. Going by my experience, that is a big truth. Today, there are over 336 videos in their database, all of which are stream-able and downloadable.

Of course, in order to have that privilege, you need to be a subscriber. There are also 576 picture sets that brim with fully lascivious pictures for your being. And if you finally want to subscribe, you should know that it’s only $29.95 a month that you’re gonna have to spend. We’re talking about Wow signature here, so, enjoy! Discount

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People are so good at labeling things. Whenever they see some hot girls walking by the park or in a bikini by the beach, they would automatically call them ratchets. Well, isn’t that such a shame? Remember that everyone else’s mother is always of the female species. Always remember that. On that note, if you are going to label a hot woman you see passing by, show some respect. Perhaps don’t call her a ratchet, but something more classy. like babe should do. And if you want to see more babes without having to be obvious by doing so out in the open, then you should turn to

The thing about the word “babes” is that a lot of people would use it in a fairly abusive manner. It’s like the word itself has been prostituted throughout the ages. Now, if you want to have a clear definition of what it really takes for women to be called babes, then should be able to enlighten you. It is a website where you will be able to find your money’s worth with all the purely qualified hot women are flocked together, nestled into every video like angels that have fallen from the sky.

This is a website that combines aesthetic appeal in every angle together with real sex action like freestyle over scripted. This is where naturally acting babes are, where they are seen buggered in the vagina, ass and mouth. Add to that the curves and busty asses and boobs they have that will surely enamor you. has been around in the industry for a couple years now and has exhibited a fervent desire to show the people what babes doing porn should really be about. There are over 580 videos within their database, each of which is fully downloadable or streamable. The videos run at 15 minutes on average, excluding the full movies they have available that run at 40 minutes to an hour each. Photo galleries have also been prepared in the neatest manner for easy access and viewing.

The best part, it’s only 9.95 dollars a month. So, enjoy, you pervert! 

Jav HD

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Jav HD states on their tour page that they have the merchandise to make you uncontrollably horny. They say that they have the models and the models have the talent it requires to make anyone start “playing with their thing!” The Asian dimes that they are bringing are hardcore ladies willing to go to extra lengths for that orgasm and cum flow! 


The promises you will get include bonus action, great services, and High Definition beauty. Let’s see if they are full of hot air, or if they can deliver!

You ring their bell by paying the membership fee and these guys open their doors. You walk in, and you’re greeted with a well-groomed design and awesome presentation. Things are placed where they need to be inside the home page. 

You journey some more and are stopped by the Asian sexual content you run into. You start thinking, “hmm, I never knew Asians could do that, or that, or damn, THAT!” You start to realize that you might just have discovered a real gem when you signed up.

This is the experience we had when we were looking at this site. The quality of the site is remarkable when you check out the material inside. The beginning gives you Asian babes sucking, anal, gapping, small tits with erect nipples, and petite bodies that give out that sexual aroma that is oh so pleasing. 

The niches provided for your viewing pleasure include milfs, teens, bdsm, anal, squirting, masturbation, lesbian, solo, hardcore, softcore, creampie, penetrations, toy play, we could go on, but we think you get it! Prepare your eyes and lust for some 23250+ picture galleries and a whooping 2078+ videos.

If you thought that these guys were small, you simply don’t know! As the years rolled on by, they have added more depth into the options that you can use when looking at the videos. They have many High Definition videos, and the humble promises they make on their tour page need to be scrapped and replaced with big boastful words! 

You have the option of screen captures or the wonderful High-Resolution images. Browse using the browser they provide, download using the zip file they provide. Either way, bulging trousers is what you will be facing since the lust, the sex, the gals, the Asian hardcore inside is going to make you delirious with cravings!

If you love the Asian niche, or haven’t experienced what it’s all about, we heavily recommend you stop by Jav HD first, before you go on any other site. The updates “cum” daily and so will you! They have fetish to softcore to hardcore Asian punany action that is scolding hot, so come, and get a little bit burned!

GF Revenge

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GF Revenge offers new members a tall glass of liquefied, sexualized, revenge on former girlfriends that is soothing to the throat and very pleasing to all your erogenous parts. The action follows the direction of other revenge porn sites, where the submitters can taste bittersweet revenge by posting lewd material about their exes. 

gf-revenge-discountThe submitters can take their pound of flesh and stand to win cash prizes from the site, so it’s a double win for them. For the rest of us, we can just sit back and see some nice amateur reality revenge porn. Everybody gets some, whether its bitter (the exes) or sweet (the submitters and us).

The material inside is a mixture of stuff with no one defining style, except the amateurish nature of the action. The site design is clean with professionalism coming through and color coordinated appeal very evident in the themes chosen. This is starting off on the right foot according to us! 

The question of how frequently they update is a bit troublesome since they just don’t come right out and state it on the site. Regardless of this issue, the site says they have 218+ videos and some 235+ picture galleries. It is only possible to stream the material and the videos are normally ten minutes.

Each set of photos packs 15 pictures. The quality of the material, the video in particular, was (and is) surprisingly good. When the words “amateur” are mention, people often think, “oh great, here goes some badly produced material”. This is not the case. 

The variety of the revenge being minted out to the girlfriends is also pleasing. Solo, posing, masturbation, fucking, blowjobs, and hardcore niches are all dishes you can eat inside this site. You will be on the fence wondering if the exes really deserve to be revenged on this way considering the naughty things that they do to themselves or their former “boyfies”.

The kind of material inside will have you looking at your current partner and wondering why the heck they cannot be like sexual goddesses inside this site. The presentation that this site chose to go with adds to the flair by making the material grab your attention. The layout seems to be to deliberately made to make the erotica amateur action inside more pronounced. The picture gallery has options like slideshow features, zip file, 726 by 560 pxl pictures, and so on.

Revenge should be served cold, but GF Revenge disregards that and goes with hellish hot instead. The fantasy of making exes pay for their ungrateful dumping and mistakes is going to be kindled in your mind as you watch the events unfold inside this site. 

The quality needs to be retouched a bit, the presentation is perfect the way it is. Apart from that, we say to them, good work, and to you, check them out!

Passion HD

Passion HD Discount

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Right from the very beginning, Passion HD tries to mark itself out as being different to the other porn websites that you could decide to join. It does this by making sure that its content is exclusive and is some of the best porn you could ever hope to watch and I have to say that, in my opinion, they have managed to achieve this.


If we ignore the beautiful website design, which really is good, and focus on the models that appear on their site, then you are not going to be disappointed. The women are absolutely perfect and I love the fact that they do have a real variety of women from the very beginning. This means that they have models with different hair colors, different builds, different size ass, fake boobs, natural boobs, and a whole lot more.

The Action Is Even Better

So I admit that the models are hot, but do you know what is even better? The action. Now I have watched a lot of porn over the years, but even I was impressed with the quality of the actual porn. With Passion HD, you get so many different types of scenes that you will not know where to look next. You get lesbian sex, hot creampies, threesomes, as well as hot and sensual straightforward boy/girl scenes. There is no way that you will be disappointed.

The Content Is Growing

At the time of writing my review, Passion HD has just over 350 movies and the same number of picture sets, but do not worry as they are updating three times a week, so the number is at least growing. You can also either stream or download and they offer all of the usual formats should you wish to do this.

So if you want some HD porn featuring gorgeous women, then I can really recommend this website. It offers real value for money with its own exclusive content and the sex that is featured in it really is outstanding.


DDF Network

DDF Network Discount

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I am maybe one of those rare people that prefer well shot porn than just focusing on the sex. I know that there is more to it than just fucking as I can also appreciate the actual art of making something. That is why I ended up checking out the DDF Network and if you are like me, then you too will love what you see.


As soon as you land on their fantastic home page you will be in awe at the sheer quality of the porn that you see before you. We are talking about absolute top quality scenes where the production levels are so high that you will just love it from beginning to end. This is quite glossy porn to be honest as the angles they shoot from are amazing as is the lighting and to me this has to be some of the most well shot porn out there right now.

Lots To Check Out

Another thing that I love about this site is the fact that there is just so much to check out. Just to give you an idea of how much, we are talking about over 11,000 movies and more than 12,000 photo galleries. This equates to weeks, if not months, of porn and more than one million images to browse through and how cool is that? Oh if that is not enough, then you get access to another 13 websites as well.

A Mix Of Soft And Hard

The DDF Network does not just give you a massive amount of hardcore fucking, but it also has a softcore side to it as well. I love this mix of both types of porn as you can see the same model being sensitive and sensual, and then see her being fucked nice and hard for your viewing pleasure. To me, it just adds to the delight that is this website.

So with so much porn available you would expect it to cost you a fortune wouldn’t you? Well the cool thing is that all of this seriously hot porn costs you not much more than $1 a day. Surely getting a smaller coffee per day is worth the sacrifice when you see what you get?

Dare Dorm

Dare Dorm Discount

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The originality of the Dare Dorm site earns the greatest ranking, since most of the content cannot be found anywhere else. Furthermore, the reality though stages seems more real on this site than in any other site featuring young students online. In fact members are allowed to make suggestions on what you would like to see, and you will most likely find it there the following day.


Where other sites have generated controversy based on the inconsistency in membership fees, this site has proved the most consistent. Offers are charged as such, and deals struck with new members are more or less abided to. In fact many users have stated that Dare Dorm is set to bring back the good name of paid porn.

The company has been consistent in their desire to retain members through maintaining their end of the contract. However, the site has persistently maintained the membership fee, similar to other sites which have been in the market for a while. This has discouraged members since the content is still limited and requires some upgrading. The idea itself and the available videos are quite fantastic in quality, content and summary; however the quantity of the same is disappointingly low.

However, one thing that all users agree is that the content of the site is not as diverse as may have been indicated in the review. Yes, there is new content in terms of movies and also pictures, however the diversity and range is absent. There are only a few categories to choose from, however, the quality of the content to be found in this few categories is quite high. The initiators of this company have invested well in ensuring that the content is entertaining, and the students in the company are well paid to bring it all.

What is unique and ideal about the site as mentioned in the review, is the fact that the videos are made in fun and jest. It is therefore not surprising that the emotions depicted are more real, and the result is more efficient.

Yes, maybe the Dare Dorm content is not so much, but it is highly erotic and entertaining. The basic design of the site and the easy navigation features make this site very user-friendly. We also want the site to minimize, or get rid of, the advertisement since some people may find them annoying. Interactive functions like commenting and rating, thankfully, are possible.

Evil Angel

Evil Angel Discount

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Evil Angel is a site that provides extensive access to quality and diverse porn videos and pictures, depending on what interests you. The site has increased in membership within the past year and began to rival major porn providers.


Most review sites rate the exclusivity of this site very highly, which is indeed true. Membership is confidential, highly confidential and even members themselves do not know each other. The quality of videos is one of the reasons why members keep returning to this site. Its backlog content is high, and it will indeed take a long time for you to get through all the content. The current videos on the other hand are high in quantity and quite unique. The clarity of all the movies is higher than any that you may find on the internet. The company has invested greatly in ensuring that members are able to access high quality videos.

Another high rating for the Evil Angel site comes from access and ease of down loading the content. As a member it will only take a few minutes to download your favorite and most recent movies and watch the same, or store them for later enjoyment. You do not need to spend a lot of time, even searching for your favorite content. The site is organized in such a manner that finding videos and content is quite easy.

One of the contradictions drawn from reviews is the pricing. The site has affordable pricing as all members agree. However, in the past few years contradictions have arisen on the prices charged to different members, for example the members in Europe have found that they are charged much more than the American members. Furthermore, members who pay the fees during offers, find that they are charged the full amount especially if such payment is made through credit cards. The payment system has been quite frustrating for all members making it, because of the lack of consistency. In the end, it has become important for consistency in payment to be introduced, as this seems like the only weakness generated by Evil Angel.




Wicked Pictures

Wicked Pictures Discount

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I have to say even the name of this site is appealing to me. Anything with ‘wicked’ in the title gets my attention! Let’s see if this site lives up to its name!

wicked-pictures-discountThe Main Features are Hardcore

The main features are hard-core, threesomes, interracial, lesbian, facials, foursomes, group and pretty much everything any hot blooded person fantasizes about. What I do like is the varied ‘set’ content, which includes a foursome in a plane, fucking at the side of a train track, gym bunnies and outdoor sex, my all time favorite.

The graphics are phenomenal. You can see every line and bump on ass-hole close ups and every pimple and skin indentation on every pussy. This makes it all the more realistic for the viewer.

Not a Soccer Ball Tit in Sight

The women are beautiful too and I am so glad that there has been a move away from the ‘old porn-star look’. Those days they were very, over painted, with drawn on lips and soccer ball tits. These girls look like everyday girls, but ten times hotter. These are the girls we dream of, the ones that normally give us a dirty look and walk on by. Here, you get to see how dirty they really are, all in the privacy of your own home.

Content and Extras

There are over 3000 fully high definition videos, 1000+ stunning models of various shapes and sizes, 48 000 bonus videos, unlimited downloads, live cams and wait for it, over 500 of their movies are award winning.

The site layout is quite clever, since all they use to draw you in and keep you chained there is the fantastic graphics and photo thumbnails. As a non paying member you will quickly become frustrated when you cannot see a trailer! Clever marketing too!

Great Pricing Structure to Suit Every Pocket

There are plenty of well known porn-stars on the books as well as newbies that you will really want to meet. If you are still not sure you can access the site for 2 days for only $1. However, I’d recommend going for a longer period as the price structure drops the longer you sign on for. You will be staying, so it is better to outlay a little more for a lot more in the end.

The download options are plentiful and you can even access the site via mobile phone. All formats are offered for various computer capabilities and graphic limitations.


If you are looking for super hot women, great graphics and a multitude of download options then take a look at Wicked Pictures. They have been around long enough to prove their beef in the porn market place. You will certainly not be disappointed.

Elegant Angel

Elegant Angel Discount

67% off Elegant Angel at $9.95 for one month

75% off Elegant Angel Network at $7.45/mo. for one year


Elegant Angel is a little different to most sites out there and once you open their inviting homepage this becomes apparent. There is what appears to be a number of videos to watch. When you click on the ‘video’ it opens up to a series of scenes and movies regards that genre. This is really quite different and really works well.


For example: ‘Big Wet Asses’ has a gorgeous hot blond as its cover, when you open it up you see a multitude of big wet asses from the likes of super-ass queens, Ashley Fires, Abbey Brooks and many more. The photography is really inviting and once you get used to this unusual layout you become hooked.

Variety is Key

There are different series featuring ‘Curvy Girls’,’Big Wet Tits’ and ‘Anal’, just to give you a quick overview. Since I have a hot spot for curvy girls, I will point out that Valentina Nappi is there and this hot curvy woman will blow your mind.

If curves are not your thing, Elegant Angel has included a nice spread across all body times, sizes and shapes. Which is expected of course, from a professional outfit such as this.

Awesome Community Feel

Elegant Angel has a great community feature. There is an interesting blog about the girls as well as Podcast interviews with each and every featured model. This is really nice, since if you share a few of those intimates moments with a girl, it is nice to know a little more about her!

There are also E zine interviews with some of their more famous models. This weeks interviewed featured model is Asa Akira, XBiz performer of the year. These interviews are a little more newsier and also give more in-depth and up-close personal insights into these gorgeous women. This type of thing is often lacking on other sites.

The site is in general hard-core with most of the popular genres well covered. The content is sizable and the best part is that, it is updated daily. There are various download options available to suite all graphic and computer capabilities and there is also flash streaming available. I am happy to say that this site is highly recommended by me.

College Rules

College Rules Discount

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75% off College Rules Network at $7.50/mo. for one year


College Rules is where sex rules! Those of you who had a mundane existence in college can see what it was supposed to be like inside this site. The sense of liberation seems to be influencing the freaky coeds, who really let loose inside this site.


College is where sexual proclivities are discovered and it where people experiment with various forms of sex. The fact that alcohol is easily available only makes maters simpler. Inside this site, the 88+ videos inside display how things work in college (sex-wise). These videos can be downloaded or streamed at you leisure and pleasure. And the best we saved for last. All the videos inside are nothing but High Definition quality, sweet right?

You will not want to miss one video, or one minute of play when it comes to the material on this site. The sexual games that the beautiful coeds play with each other will drive you crazy. There are naked contests naked parties, naked orgies, and huge amounts of display of a naked and highly sexual behavior.

Alcohol acts as the catalyst for naked action inside this site. Parties are big and epic and end up in the bed. There is some “coed-on-coed” action, including lots of foreplay, penetrations, pussy shots, and exposed boobies. One motivation that these students have is the five thousand dollars reward that the best videos get. This is a lot of cash for freshmen and senior coeds who just want to have fun.

Included with the College Rules videos, there are 88+ photo sets that have High Res quality. The thing you will be thinking as you flip through the pictures is how cute and how erotic these college students are. And if schoolwork proves to be too hard for the coeds, an active career in the porn industry is one avenue that they can pursue for sure.

Yes, maybe the content is not so much, but it is highly erotic and entertaining. The basic design of the site and the easy navigation features make this site very user-friendly. We also want the site to minimize, or get rid of, the advertisement since some people may find them annoying. Interactive functions like commenting and rating, thankfully, are possible.

Every fiber in your being will be screaming that “COLLEGE REALLY RULES!” This site, College Rules, is an investment that is going to give you mucho returns. The site has exclusive material, so do not bother go hunting for this material on other sites. So if its coed sex you want, this is the site you should join, it is as simple as that!


FTVGirls Discount

Don’t Join FTVGirls, Other Sites Are Ranked Higher!


The guys who came up with this site, FTVGirls, had a simple but very effective policy. If you do not enjoy what others are doing, then simply do it yourself and have a version that you can live with. This kind of thinking led to the development of this site. These guys were simply not satisfied with the current caliber of porn sites in the market. What they set out to do was make a change.

These “first time girls” are not amateurs who haven’t experienced any sort of on-screen sex. Nope. Instead they do something new that they haven’t done before on film. This means, if they haven’t done blowjobs, then that’s what they do. If they haven’t done anal, then that what they do. You get the gist!

A lot of the ladies only apply their trade on this site. This means lots of exclusive action. And this site is not a new entrant into the market. They have been here since 2005, and boy, they have stockpiled some nice collection of First Time Videos.

The FTVGirls site has 1600+ videos in wmv and avi, with a lot of the performers doing their thing in multiple scenes. Nowadays, these guys are making a serious effort to put High Def videos in their galleries. The quality of the hardcore-sexing in older content is not bad and is very much watchable.

“So what kind of niches can you expect from these guys?” 

The ten minute long videos contain some lesbian, solo, anal, masturbation, threesomes, and a variety of all the best hardcore niches. You will see close-ups that will make you salivate, insertions of toys and dildos, and most importantly, beautiful babes moaning and enjoying multiple orgasms. This site has versatility so that every member can find the right gal or sex scene that speaks to their inner freaky side!

Lest we forget, you will receive 3200+ photosets, with most sets having 60 to 90 pictures. Downloading them is not a problem (zip file available) and the images are High Res. What you will see inside is direct shots from the camera beamed right to you computer screen. Big files are what we are talking about here, so enjoy yourself!

The site updates between once and twice weekly so you might have to practise some virtuous patience. In the meantime, you will be busy enjoying the high quality, hardcore, beautiful gals, and titillating action happening inside. You want a marvellous place to let all your lewd desires roam free and “cum” with no care in the world? Then FTVGirls is not a bad place to do this. 

X Art

X Art Discount

75% off X Art at $9.95 for one month


X Art is one of the premier sites on the internet for people that are looking for something other than your typical brand of adult entertainment. Right now they may only have seven hundred videos, but you can be sure sure that these videos are among the very best on the internet.

x-art-discountAfter all they are all shot in the highest definition of video as well as well with the highest gradient of pixels that can be mustered. Another great part about X Art is that they do not only focus on the hardcore aspects of sex, but they have the ability to go to more sensual and erotic areas of adult entertainment. Another great part about this site is the way that it is presented. They have an all black background with a few videos coming out of them which gives it a unique feeling.

The very best part about the X Art website is definitely the women, all of whom are professional models that are being filmed in certain situations which you will never see women this beautiful in on any other site. The women are carefully chosen and they do not exceed the age of twenty four, leaving many of the most beautiful and youngest women available for you to view.

The site is not limited to models from one single nation, there are women from Ukraine, Hungary, the United States along with many more. This is great because it is unusual to see so many women from different backgrounds together on a single site. It just goes to show you how far the producers had to search in order to find the talent needed for this site.

If you are looking to join X Art, then you need to find a membership plan that suits your needs. While this site is more expensive than others, it has a brand of entertainment that is better than any other you are likely to find. That is why this site is above average and also one of the most interesting on the web today.

Digital Playground

Digital Playground Discount

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Digital Playground is one of the best sites for hardcore sex anywhere on the internet. While they have so many other different types of adult entertainment available for their clients they are most famous for their interesting movies.

digital-playground-discountThey usually make spoofs of other movies and interesting series’ that do not show enough skin, and they make them into the filthiest versions imaginable. Another one of the interesting aspects about this site is that they have a very nice site layout for their customers. You will see all of the best videos up top, and then some of the most favorite videos that have been ranked on the web.

You will also be able to get onto the Digital Playground site and find a ton of different videos that are already on DVDs, as well as others that can be burned onto DVDs if you decide to get one. There is a good collection of videos on the site as well as pictures. Right now the site is sitting on over two thousand different videos that are all shot in the latest high definition 1080p, which makes them average on the spectrum of those sites that have a large collection of videos.

When it comes to the pictures on the site, they have several hundred thousand that are available to those who decide to become a member. Another positive aspect about this site is that they have so many models that you will not be able to keep track of them. There are over seven hundred different women on the site today, and there are more with every update. This site is updated every two days with new videos and many other pictures, with a new feature movie appearing on the site every month. While the site is always hard at work, there are plenty of reasons to join this site.

Becoming a Digital Playground member is simple, and all you need to do is pick a payment package and a length of time that you want to be a member. Overall, the site is about average, and it is up to you to decide if you like their special market of videos. 


Videobox Discount

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If you want to make a change in your life, if you want your creativity to flourish, if you want your life to have meaning, you should consider thinking out of the box because your head is only a limited dimension. You need to think out of the box! Only then can you find out that there are actually other creative dimensions that you can tap yourself into. Only then can you find out that such a beautiful site called VideoBox has actually been serving the porn industry for contents that can truly break grounds.

videobox-discountWhat is VideoBox?

The site is one that will make you question, “Why did I never get to see this abode before?” It’s a site where every beautiful thing will spring into the outer world from an inner dimension where all the mystical creatures live in resonance. Sounds like a total exaggeration but that would be the same impression you will get once you get to experience the energy that stems from this profound porn resource. 

With VideoBox, you will enjoy a vast amount of porn content that you can’t imagine exist in a single site alone. First of all, there are over 17,000 videos all ripped as DVD quality content. With that alone, you can really say the quality of the picture comes to a seamless extent. With 17,000 videos, they are all divided into different categories which makes the whole search scheme a lot easier despite the vastness of the content. And speaking of searches, the site makes it easier by applying advanced search technology, a keyword based one that will truly make the whole experience convenient and promising for you. There are also photo sets that you can search through, all bearing imagery that will fully ripped your underwear through an unexpected erection!

Amazingly, the site only requires a 8-dollar month membership fee. With that amount alone, you will enjoy all that is injected into the site plus you will also be able to download as much as you want. So, 24 hours of porn a day with this site, totally worth it! VideoBox it is!

Playboy Plus

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It’s time to lock your room now and pretend that you are already asleep by turning off the lights, so even a tiny bit of light won’t squeeze its way out of those tiny outlets. Just like you, it’s the same thing that other guys do every night and for the same purpose: to watch porn. The only difference lies on which source we choose to settle.

playboy-plus-discountSo now, if you want to change your perspectives and know what a good taste of porn really is, it’s high time that you go with something we all know as PlayBoy. Now, they have revolutionized everything into PlayBoy Plus!

PlayBoy Plus is strongly reminiscent to MTV’s Wild N’ Out for the reason that the site itself has been inspired from the famous PlayBoy Magazine. It features models that are at close pacing with the models of the said magazine and its premise revolves around the creation of content that will truly astound anybody who voyeurs in the cybernetic world. It aims only to deliver the highest quality of porn action that can never go fading through the passage of time. And yes, part of the premise is to make its viewers be enlightened of what real porn content means. 

What Do You Get With PlayBoy Plus?

While the membership has been curbed for a promo, its content stays at its finest in a continuously growing scale. There are over 4000 high quality videos to watch. The scenes are pretty much akin to the scenes you get to watch in high end movies except for the fact that everything is unfurled. There are categories to choose from which at first you may find odd, but will fully embrace later on knowing that they have delivered their purpose well. There are also photo sets to skim through. Not really much an exciting feat at first you may think, but once you try to unravel the package, you will see how dumbfounding they can be with the kind of quality they exude with — exceptional.

As mentioned earlier, the membership fee has been curbed and it’s now only 9.99 dollars a month from an original 29.99 monthly rate. This is an offer you can’t dare miss. 


BangBros Discount

50% off BangBros at $14.95 for one month

67% off BangBros Network at $9.95/mo. for one year


Bangbros is one of the biggest network porn-sites in the world. So, if you enjoy hardcore-porn and also being able to stretch your buck, this is definitely a site you will enjoy. When you join you get access to not only the Bangbros site, but also a massive network of sites all for the price of one.


The quality of Bangbros is beyond reproach, since all their fine smut is shot in HD, POV style and the quality is mind blowing. You get to see that straight away when you are looking at their first page.

Here, you see every hair on a girls back, every sweat-bead, every glistening bit of excitement. The angles are so good you will think that you are there with this dirty bunch joining in on the fun. This, makes it more interesting. Gone are the days when you were the purveyor looking on from afar. Moving with the times, these days the camera angle will show the hot chick sucking cock up close, her lips curling and sliding over what seems like your dick.

When you join, as mentioned earlier you get bonus sites for nothing and some of them are legendary on their own. The infamous ‘Bang Bus’, ‘Ass Parade’, ‘Big Tits Round Asses’. ‘Monsters of Cock’, ‘Facial Fest’ are a few titles to warm the cockles of your heart.

The genre is of course, reality porn. On BangBros, you will see famous porn-stars and the girl next door all banging together, literally. The categories are multiple. Anal, big ass, big tits, blow job, brunette, blonde, ebony, Asian, Latino, MILF, amateur, hardcore, big dicks, lesbian, threesomes, stockings and other fetishes.

This all spells one thing and that is variety. This place has everything you need when you want to get hot and horny and need release. You don’t need to be searching all over for content. Plus, the content is super high grade quality and exclusive. Download options are suitable for all types of viewing, including MP4 and if you prefer you can stream the content. They have great 24 hours customer support too, to keep you happy in case anything goes wrong.

With over 6000 galleries and 6000 scenes you’ll never be bored or hankering over anything else. There are a few discounted packages for new members, including a cheap trial period. I wouldn’t recommend using the trial period since you will sign on after watching this and get a better deal for signing on for longer.

Some sites are mainstays in the market and BangBros with its award winning style and great attitude has probably been that for many newer sites on the net who have tried to follow in their footsteps. Take a look at some of the free videos on offer as this will give you insight into what you are signing up for. Happy viewing!

Reality Kings

Reality Kings Discount

63% off Reality Kings at $14.95 for one month

83% off Reality Kings Network at $7.95/mo. for one year


Reality Kings is the biggest network of porn sites available on the Internet. When you join you not only get the very well and very established Reality Kings, but you also get another 30+ sites thrown in for the price of one.


The bonus sites, as we shall call them here, are well known on their own and are also in good standing. Some of these sites you might have heard of and wished to join on their own.

“MILF Hunter” focuses on the hottest MILFs in porn. This bonus site will lay bare all the naughty antics MILFS can get up to. All shot in HD quality and super POV style. “Big Naturals” has been a hit for some time now as more and more people are enjoying natural boobs and large ones at that. On this site you will see nothing, but huge natural breasts in all their glory. “Moms Bang Teens” shows how dirty moms really are. Taking large teen cock in their pussy’s and there are plenty of scenes and scenarios to choose from. “Teens Love Huge Cock”, “Round and Brown”, “8th Street Latinas” and many more you might recognize from surfing top porn sites are all part of their fantastic pricing structure.

Everyone has heard of Reality Kings and their massive loyal member base is testimony to how much the general public enjoy it. The content has been cleverly designed to pull in any taste, genre addiction and fetish. This is how they have taken huge market share.

This simply means to us, that we get what we want and more when we join. There are over 6000 models on their books, 8000 plus scenes, 8000 plus galleries and daily updates. Not all the scenes are HD simply because they have been around for decades. Which, goes to show they are delivering what they claim. You can watch the smut via WMV, or flash media and MP4 in various format to suite your needs.

The site itself is a designers dream and super easy to navigate. Once on there you will be transfixed, since the photography and delivery is excellent. The latest updates, highest rated videos and other stuff will guide you through finding what you want. Embedded in all pages are other search tool bars like alphabetical searches, name searches and genres. Once a member you can vote for your favorite videos too.

Reality Kings is a hard site to review since it is probably the leader for all porn sites on the net in terms of content, layout and approach to client satisfaction. Time in the market is often a good indicator of whether a site is any good. Reality Kings has been there since time began basically. Plus, the amount of awards they have won has yet to be beaten. Take a look at one of their free trailers and see for yourself.

Naughty America

Naughty America Discount

41% off Naughty America at $14.95 for one month

82% off Naughty America Network at $5.95/mo. for one year


Naughty America has a great deal of content that is framed by a single question: What do horny American moms do when they are left at home along by their husbands. They have rampant amounts of sex with anyone that they can, whenever they can. The vast majority of their video content has to do with Milfs, which means that you will be seeing a lot of hot, older women that know how to have the best sex performing for you.

naughty-america-discountOne of the best parts about this site is definitely the new live camera section that they have instituted recently. Here you can chat with some of the film stars and tip them if you decide that you want a private show.

On Naughty America just about anything that can happen will happen as you watch these Milfs do laundry, go to the store, and even sunbathe nude. From there, just about anything can happen. Another one of the very best aspects of this site is that you can gain access to twenty nine other sites when you become a member of their main site.

The Naughty America site has a great search interface that lets you look for anything that you want to, including all of the different models. While the vast amount of their content is shot in high definition, there are also some of the older videos on the site that are not some of the very best quality, but for the most part you will be pleased with the overall quality of the site and the films.

If you decide to become a member of this site then you will need to pick a payment and membership plan. Right now they are offering a special that reduces the price to under eight dollars when you sign up for a full year of membership. Overall, the site is above average quality, and is well worth looking at if you are tired of looking at amateur porn.


Brazzers Discount

40% off Brazzers at $17.95 for one month

75% off Brazzers Network at $9.95/mo. for one year


Brazzers is one of the most famous websites on the the internet today. In fact, they are so popular that they have become the subject of an internet sensation where their logo is added onto scenes that may or may not be sexual in nature. This kind of online buzz has given Brazzers the platform they need to launch themselves into consideration for one of the very best porn sites on the web today.

brazzers-discountThey say that Brazzers is the very best high definition porn site on the web. The fact of the matter is that they try very hard to live up to this by offering their customers some of the very best videos on the web. All of their movies are shot in the latest high definition settings which means that you will not see a single blurred screen or fuzzy picture during your entire stay on the site.

Considering that they have over four thousand full length movies for you to watch, the level of quality of that they offer is just about unprecedented. Not only do they offer some of the most interesting amateur material on the web, but they have porn remakes that will bring you back again and again. They have featured movies such as the ‘Whore of Wall Street”, which is an incredible reproduction with the inclusion of more types of sexual acts.

For the most part Brazzers tries to stay away from all of the really hardcore adult entertainment, but they still have plenty of hardcore acts for you to watch. In terms of the amount of pictures that they have on the site, you will be looking at well over ten thousand, which will be a perfect complement to your collection. Also, when you become a member of Brazzers you also gain access to all of their sister sites which include twenty different sites which are chock full of interesting videos. if you are looking to join the site then you will need to pick a membership plan.

Right now they offer a month long membership which is $29.99, but they also offer a year long membership that only costs ten dollars a month when you sign on for a year. Overall, Brazzers is in the top tier of porn sites and well worth checking out if you are looking for quality adult entertainment. 


DogFart Discount

45% off DogFart at $19.99 for one month

76% off DogFart Network at $8.33/mo. for one year


We tend to complicate so many things in life. That is the biggest drawback of every human being. I mean, things are really as simple as they are. The only problem is that we try to over-analyze until the whole picture of simplicity is clouded to obscurity. What I’m trying to say is that happiness is not so hard to achieve. Nobody’s gonna feel that happiness on your behalf. And besides, you have the internet, which means there’s that happiness sitting in front of you all the time. Go watch porn! Go watch Dogfart and see how far your happiness is really capable of going.

dogfart-discountWhat is Dogfart? The thing about me is that I really tend to be skeptic about so many things. Even porn sites. Well, here’s a story: I was twelve years old back then when I first had my sexual encounter. Yes, she was a 14 year old junior high student and I was taller than her and we looked the same age. So yeah, it was epic and then from I was able to set my standards, which is kind of unfortunate. Anyways, it’s been a long time since I really appreciated porn that much. And it’s all because of Dogfart. It’s full of all the kind nasty porn you’ve been looking for. 

Why Go with Dogfart? First of all, there are over 3000 plus videos. Another thing is that all the videos are of high quality while there are picture sets that will blow your mind too. All that and more for only 29.99 dollars a month. But it doesn’t end there actually. You can try to look at the categories of the videos and you will perhaps see lots of unusual categories there such as blonde sucking Asian cock, black guys drilling a Norwegian and so it goes on. As to why it’s called Dogfart, it’s probably because it wants to come off naughty and dirty; two goals that are really met. 

Come join Dogfart now and experience porn media at its finest. Again, it’s only 29.99 dollars a month, which is cheaper compared to most of America out there.


Twistys Discount

67% off Twistys at $9.95 for one month

75% off Twistys Network at $7.95/mo. for one year


If you think you can or you can’t, either way you are right. What I’m trying to say is that if you are bored and you think there’s no way to circumvent the whole dry, mundane sensations, then you’re probably right because that’s how you think it to be. But why not reverse your psychology? You can beat the boredom and sometimes, all it takes is a good dose of porn. An ultimate boredom killing hub in the online facet would be Twistys.

twistys-discountWhat is Twistys? One of my predilections when it comes to porn would be MILFs and cougars. I mean, who doesn’t want to experience fucking an experienced lady, right? And in order to get a preview on how it all goes, I definitely turn to Twistys where all the smokin’ hot motherly, lovely fuckers come to swarm for voyeurism satisfaction. Well, Twistys is not just about MILFs. It’s actually a diverse porn site, where you can simply get a good fix of nudity every day even when your choice is made out of a whim. In other words, you can stop being particular with your genre since this site is a conglomerate of all the wonderful scoops of porn each. 

Why Go With Twistys? There are numerous reasons why Twistys is the one you have to go to when it comes to watching porn videos. For one, in every visit that you will make, there’s always a new player for you to try. The site also continues to update their system every day. So, from the original 6,840 movies in the arsenal, it continues to grow incessantly to 7000 and more. The picture sets are kind of slick. I mean, just imagine 17,000 plus photos in total. Who gets to shoot all those pictures? Nobody does! Except for Twistys, of course!

Final Verdict: Before I forget, Twistys only requires members and member wannabes 9.95 dollars every month, which is 3 times cheaper than other competing porn sites out there. So yeah, if you want to make the most out of your pennies and enjoy every night watching high quality porn or staring at the beautiful creations on those pictures, go with Twistys!

Playboy TV

Playboy TV Discount

67% off Playboy TV at $9.99 for one month

81% off Playboy TV Network at $5.83/mo. for one year


There are 1673 videos at Playboy TV and the bad news is that they can only be streamed but you won’t mind that since the girls here are extremely hot. Each video is 35 minutes long and that is long enough to ejaculate yourself on the way to oblivion. They have been online since April of 2010 and they have made it a point to have such a huge legion of fans.

playboy-tv-discountThere is a behind the scenes footage here so you would be able to find out what happens when the cameras are not rolling. There are also some Playboy TV interviews as the biggest names of porn get interviewed regarding their opinions on today’s hot topics. Of course, they also get to talk about themselves since that is everyone’s favorite topic. There are a bunch of episodes here dedicated to a whole variety of topics. They even invert some comedy in there so you will smile while you jack off your enormous cock.

There is even live chat here with other members. Unfortunately, there are no pictures in sight so you just have to make do with the streaming videos. When the symbol of the bunny is right there on the upper left corner of the website, you know you are going to deal with something that is good. You will certainly not get sick of this website anytime soon as it provides everything you need in a porn site and the girls are hotter than the weather at the dessert. The black background makes you feel comfortable whenever browsing the site. The episodes here are really top notch as you can tell they are on par with what Playboy produces on a daily basis.

Playboy TV is one site you can recommend to people you see on the streets everyday even though they sure should let members download their episodes. The amateurs here sure get comfortable when they are on camera as you can tell by the way they strip all of their clothes off for the member.


Mofos Discount

40% off Mofos at $17.95 for one month

67% off Mofos Network at $10.00/mo. for one year


Mofos Network provides 8 sites containing delicious content. As if that is not enough, they also give access to 32 additional sites as a bonus. If you total all of that then you have more than 2000 hours of non stop porn action and that is going to entertain the heck out of any avid porn fan. When you browse through the “Girls” section, you are going to see some fresh faces in the porn industry along with some names you have already seen naked way too many times in other sites. It is a mixture of new and old in this network and the combination is for the better.

mofos-discountThere are 1146 episodes here on Mofos and each one has over 30 minutes each. All the scenes can either be streamed in an embedded player or downloaded through several formats so you can be sure you can watch it comfortably. There are 751 photo sets here and each one has over 200 pictures each. They can be downloaded in a Zip file as well to view them later.

When you get in the Mofos members’ area, you will notice there are no ads in sight. You can even customize the look of your homepage so you can be sure you will look forward to your next visit. You also have the option to download the videos in clips only so you can move right away to the good parts. The main page of the site shows the latest updates and they can be arranged via top rated. The updates come every other day and that is such a consistent schedule. You have the option of adding videos to your favorites list but in this site it is called the Porn List.

There are some websites that are spy themed which means someone gets to spy on the hot chick next door. If you are someone who wants to spy on your crush then you will be glad to know that there are actually sites whose theme is like that. This is one network that deserves the 5 star rating whenever they want to be rated and they are showing no signs of slowing down.